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The region of Mallorca Palma, the Centre of the island

The region of Mallorca Palma refers exclusively to the capital of the island and a few kilometers from its surroundings before reaching some of the villages that surround it. It has no own institution that brings this geographical designation since everything is led by the City Council. Tourism is the main economic source of the city.

Apart from tourism and everything that revolves around the arrival of tourists, another source of income for the inhabitants of Palma is the construction. The accommodation capacity of the city is the most important of the island, has luxury hotels, hostels and accomodations of all styles. In addition you will find a variety of restaurants and bars.

The list of places with charm is quite wide and you will see numerous remains from different periods of the history of Mallorca Palma region. The Cathedral of Santa Maria is located next to the Bay and long beach found until they decided to create a path ahead of the monument. It has the highest ship from Spain and the second in Europe.

Another of the monuments that you can not miss is the Bellver Castle which is the only one in Spain dating back to medieval times with a round structure. You will also have the option of going to the Almudaina Palace, the plaza mayor or plaza de Spain.

If you're planning to visit the region of Mallorca Palma you will need it quite simple arriving by plane from any point of Europe throughout the year, especially in Germany. For its part has good connections with the rest of the island.